food politics

Politics of the Plate: Dirty Pigs

The Chinese were turning their noses up at our meat because of concerns about ractopamine, a feed additive widely given to American pigs.
food politics

Scary Crabs and Tainted Vegetables

Karen Coates, blogging from Chiang Mai, wrote recently about how Southeast Asians try to avoid buying mainland Chinese produce.
food politics

Stiff Penalties Apply

The bad news about food in China continues.
food politics

On Poison, Ants, and Pistachios

After the recent storm in the U.S. media about contaminated Chinese imports, the Chinese appear to be hitting back.

The Road to Shangri-La

Bordered by Vietnam at one end and Tibet at the other, China’s Yunnan province is a world unto itself.
June 2007
food politics

Swine of the Times

China's economy is booming, but the country is on the verge of a crisis. They're running out of pork.
food politics

The Bad Earth

In light of the recent pet-food and hog-farm scares, consider this: Chinese produce is about the last choice an Asian shopper will make.

True West

The vast, sparsely populated desert region that is Xinjiang is a China unlike any you’ve ever seen.
April 2007
food politics

Hot-and-Sour Steroids?

A Chinese doping expert warns that some Chinese foods are so loaded with steroids, athletes could test positive for drugs during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
travel + culture

The Word on the Street Food

If you want to experience the gastronomic heart and soul of any place, it's essential to try its street food.
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