favorite cocktails: vodka


Provençal Sage Cordial

Next time you’ve got a bunch of sage, save 10 leaves for this delicious liqueur.
November 1990

Pedro Ligero’s White Sangría Azulete

A delicious and intriguing version of the classic Spanish wine cocktail.
July 1987

Pimento Cordial (Allspice Cordial)

An important ingredient in several Tiki drinks, it also plays well with apple flavors and brown spirits.
September 1977

Pink Russian

Grapefruit and Campari are a classic combination, but shouldn’t this be called a Pink Russo-Italian? Or a Pinko-Italian?
August 1975

Cola de Lagarto (Wine and Vodka Cocktail)

Wine cocktails come and go, but like the tail of the lizard for which it’s named, this drink will really grow on you.
December 1974

Herbal Bloody Mary

Admittedly divisive, when balanced it’s a delicious drink. This recipe is that, and it makes great use of the herbs growing in your kitchen window.
July 1960

Vodka Dew

Honeydew is a unique flavor, so it makes sense to combine it with a spirit that won’t compete.
August 1960

The Red Carpet

Born a few years before Samantha, this precursor to the Cosmopolitan is every bit as sexy.
October 1956

Yip Pip Cocktail

Lovers of classic cocktails bemoan the rise of the vodka Martini, but if you use good vermouth, this is actually quite delicious.
August 1952

Moscow Mule

One of the first popular vodka drinks, it may not have thawed the Cold War, but it did buck the anti-Soviet trend.
March 1955
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