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Dueling Spanish Chefs

Earlier this year, chefs Ferran Adrià and Santi Santamaría became embroiled in an explosive feud. At the heart of the fuss: a national culinary identity crisis.
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First Taste: LAVO

This gastropub offers the kind of lavishness we’d expect from Sin City, with an over-the-top take on molecular gastronomy.

A Restaurant That’s Really This Good

Is Alinea truly the best restaurant in America? The shock and awe on diners’ faces seem to say it all.
October 2008

The Corrections

Recent discoveries show us that practically everything we think we know about the science of taste is wrong, wrong, wrong.
July 2008
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First Taste: L20

Laurent Gras has the skill and, perhaps more importantly, the judgment to find a near-perfect meeting ground of pristine product and chefly invention.
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Round Two in the Santamaría vs. Adrià Smackdown

Santi Santamaría, chef of the 3-starred Can Fabes, denounces Ferran Adrià’s “use of chemical substances like methylcellulose” as a “public health risk.”

Coco Cola

The clever technique of using both a seltzer charge and a cream charge gives you a foamy, snow-white dessert.
May 2008

Cooking Schools: Experiential Cuisine

Will Goldfarb, the innovative pastry chef, can be as whimsical as he is chemically precise.
May 2008
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The Ingredient: Tapioca Maltodextrin

Will Goldfarb introduces tapioca maltodextrin, an ingredient commonly used in restaurant kitchens to turn fats into powders.



You might not realize how simple it is to make the classic hazelnut-and-chocolate spread at home. This version has a more nuanced flavor than the store-bought stuff.
April 2008
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