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Kemp's Kitchen: Rhubarb Remix

“Here’s what I’d like you to test today,” said Zanne Stewart (then Zanne Zakroff), the brand-new executive food editor of Gourmet magazine, as she handed me two recipes. “The ingredients are waiting for you in the fridge over there.”...
Kemp Minifie
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Yogurt, the Bulgarian Colonel, and Me

Renowned food writer Mimi Sheraton looks back to the dawn of America's passion for yogurt, and the 1947 Gourmet story that sparked her own long-term love affair...
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The Best Christmas Cake Ever

Caroline Bates, a Gourmet magazine editor for 51 years, returns to divulge a holiday dessert recipe that may change your life. She also shares a remarkable seven-decade retrospective of the cake that interweaves the magazine's history with her own...
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The Painterly Work of Paul Grimes

A portrait of the artist as a food stylist, by a longtime colleague, Gourmet Live's Kemp Minifie
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Salted Water for Boiling

Former Gourmet magazine food editor—and current Gourmet Live senior editor—Kemp Minifie explores the passion, contention, and most of all, humor, surrounding the simplest recipe ever associated with the magazine...
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Gourmet Live: The Meaning of Gourmet

Food historian Megan Elias digs through the archives and discovers the word gourmet has had multiple definitions, but always one true meaning

Sweet Life

Two L.A. chefs explore the world, street (food) by street (food), and put together one wild brunch.
October 2009

Purple Haze

The Varnish, a proto-speakeasy hidden at the back of the century-old sandwich shop Cole’s, is the center of the Los Angeles cocktail cult.
October 2009
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Squab à l’Orange with Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten talks about the philosophy behind the creative flavor pairings in his signature Squab à l’Orange.


The Technique: The Modern Omelet with Olivier Muller

If you don't have a 20-year-old black steel pan, then try this modern omelet technique from Chef Olivier Muller of DB Bistro Moderne.
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