food flashes


Food Flashes: July 1950

Honey in comb for a summer breakfast treat. Crash in with the fork, spill out the white clover sweetness, a bee's content distilled with a trace of the basswood bloom.
July 1950

Food Flashes: June 1950

Lindt Swiss Chocolate returns to America, the first shipment here since before the war. Back in a variety of kinds: semisweet milk, extra bitter, chocolate with marrons, with hazelnuts, with mocha.
June 1950

Food Flashes: May 1950

New Orleans, Queen City of the Mississippi. Sip a Ramos gin fizz, dull circs forgotten, bury disappointments in a heady Sazerac.
May 1950

Food Flashes: March 1950

Easter ahead. Everything points to it. The winds soft; the roots are stirring. Plan now to bring the golden foods to the table.
March 1950

Food Flashes: February 1950

Giving a party? Want cheese, lots of cheese to serve pass-the-tray fashion? Order the gold box from the Dairyland Cheese Company Madison 3, Wisconsin.
February 1950

Food Flashes: May 1949

Rain or shine, spring's in the bones. Undeniable evidence at Ye Olde Herb Shoppe, 46 Dey Street, New York. Here are spring tonics for sale, the old-fashioned kinds made of bark, seed, and berry to turn into teas to quicken the blood....
May 1949

Food Flashes: April 1949

Bring on the ham, a ham super-elegant, pearly pink the meat, and richly perfect in the mouth, with the taste of the smoke in each juicy fiber.
April 1949

Food Flashes: February 1949

Hit the jack pot of all things good—the Jack Pot Beans, a product of Hitching Post Foods, Inc., Savannah, Georgia. These beans are the big, mealy limas, cooked Southern style with brown sugar.
February 1949

Food Flashes: December 1948

October, and we were down on Cape Cod in the midst of the cranberry picking to visit the National Cranberry Association's packing plants.
December 1948

Food Flashes: November 1948

To win a $50 bet, Melanie Bouchelle McCarthy, an Evanston, Illinois house-wife, baked an old-fashioned English fruitcake.
November 1948
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