1990s Recipes + Menus

Grapefruit Rum Coolers

May 1995
We seem to have gone off bitters in our cocktails sometime in the ’80s, but we brought them back in this delicious highball, which combines the grapefruit juice of a Hemingway Daiquiri and the mint of a Mojito. We prefer the lime-juice version to the lemon-juice one.

4 mint sprigs
1 tablespoon superfine sugar, or to taste
2/3 cups fresh grapefruit juice
1 1/2 tablespoons fresh lemon or lime juice, or to taste
3 ounces light rum (6 tablespoons), or to taste
chilled club soda or seltzer
Angostura bitters to taste

Garnish: grapefruit wedges and mint sprigs

In a cocktail shaker with the back of a spoon crush mint sprigs with sugar and juices until sugar is dissolved. Add rum and about 1 cup ice cubes and shake 30 seconds. Strain mixture into 2 tall glasses filled with ice cubes and top each drink with club soda or seltzer and a splash of bitters. Stir drinks and garnish with grapefruit and mint. Makes 2 drinks.
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