1940s Recipes + Menus

Cugat Congo

January 1945
We’re not sure how Xavier Cugat came to do an essay for Gourmet on his “epicurean hankerings.” And not only did he write it, but the piece was “illustrated by him, too.” This drink is nothing more than a Bacardi Cocktail with a dash of absinthe, but the Rumba King was married to Charo for 12 years and lived to be 90, so cuchi-cuchi and pass the absinthe.

I’ve done some palatable potation experimenting, and evolved my Cugat Congo cocktail—three quarters jigger Bacardi white rum, one-quarter jigger Grenadine, the juice of one-half fresh lime, and a dash of Absinthe, iced and shaken well.
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