1940s Recipes + Menus

Bridge Punch

June 1943

It’s a little more difficult to find block ice now than it was in Charles H. Baker Jr.’s day. If you don’t have a nearby source, you can freeze your own in silicone loaf pans, well-washed milk or juice cartons, or Tupperware containers. Give yourself at least 24 hours for the large volume of water to freeze.

To make 50 or more cups, put the tips from 1 bunch fresh mint in the punch bowl, add 4 cups sugar, and muddle lightly with a wooden muddler—a small potato masher works mighty well, mon brave. Turn in 1 quart strong black tea, 1 bottle brandy, 3/4 cups each of fresh orange juice, grapefruit, and lemon or lime. Now toss in 1 medium sized can of crushed pineapple (to hell with the points, and anyway they were just cut in half today on canned fruit!). March all this with 1 bottle minced scarlet maraschino cherries and 1/2 cup medium or dark rum. Chill for at least 2 hours please. Pour over ice, ladle thoughtfully, sampling now and then (for this is the Punch-Master’s privilege and gives him a head start on the mob), and when things are good and cold, add 1 quart bottle chilled soda. Voila!

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