1940s Recipes + Menus

Absinthe Drip

Makes1 drink
January 1943
As beautiful as we find the many antique and reproduction absinthe fountains available now, they are by no means necessary to the enjoyment of the green fairy. If you don’t have the patience for spooning water by the half teaspoon, a simple brouilleur will do the job nicely. Watch Jim Meehan, manager and mixologist at PDT in New York, demonstrate how to make this drink.
There is no mystery about the Drip—and it does not need a dangerous Gallic bistro all encrusted with apaches and their grisettes. Americanized, it takes this procedure. Center in an Old Fashioned glass 2 cubes ice and 1 lump sugar. Turn in a 1 1/2 ounce jigger of Absinthe. Have ready a small silver pitcher of very cold ice water, and add this half teaspoonful by half teaspoonful. When the glass is full, give it one slight mix with a spoon, and consume this pearly, luminous bit of sedition. Three are enough.
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