travel + culture

How to Get Around the Wait at El Bulli

El Bulli uses a lottery to assign its six-month season of reservations—and every single one of them for 2007 has been assigned.
travel + culture

One-Stop Shopping, With Tables Attached

A big trend is the combo restaurant and gourmet shop. And now the creator of one of Madrid's best Italian restaurants has gotten in on the act.
food + cooking

You Say Tomato, I Say What?

The most polemical news in Barcelona's newspaper La Vanguardia this week has to do not with the war in Iraq or the Sarkozy vs. Royal match-up, but with pan con tomate.
food politics

What's Next? A Ban on Chorizo?

Endless articles in the Spanish press lament the passing of the Mediterranean diet.
food + cooking

Cherries on Top

Leave it to the Catalans. The same people to bring us spherification and the lollipop are now building a better cherry.
chefs + restaurants

Magic Moments from Madrid

Hundreds of chefs, writers, and critics turned out for Madrid Fusion, one of the most interesting get-togethers in the food world.
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