Cherries on Top


Leave it to the Catalans. The same people to bring us spherification and the lollipop (or so they claim; at the very least, they did introduce it to Spain, in 1958, as the chupa-chup) are now building a better cherry. Apparently, the fruit is notoriously difficult to grow in greenhouses; horticulturalists in the U.S., France, and Israel have tried and failed. Nevertheless, a company in Lerida has just come out with Cherry Glamour, a bright red, deeply flavored fruit that's about to be harvested in a couple of weeks—months before other Spanish cherries are even close to ripe (and just a bit after the season in the Southern Hemisphere). Getting cherries at the end of March, though, does not come cheap: Cherry Glamour is about to debut at Harrods for the modest price of 133 euros per kilo—about a buck and a half per cherry, which, needless to say, would buy a lot of cherry lollipops.

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