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Dirty Water, Clean Fun

In Paris, Canal St. Martin is a magical place to drink. You take your wine out to the banks and join what amounts to a half-mile long party.
food + cooking

Sliding Toward Perfect Pizza

With a beautifully assembled raw pie ready to bake, how do you get it into the oven and onto the stone? This is when the pizza peel comes to the rescue.
food + cooking

The Mug Metric

The best way to get an instant profile of a family at, say, a holiday or dinner party, is to locate the mug cupboard and take a good look.
wine + spirits + beer

When Tom Met Jerry

Maybe every other barfly around has heard of the Tom & Jerry cocktail, but I’d never heard of it when I stumbled across a vat of it in the freezer.
food + cooking

Delicious History

WTTW’s newest release, an ambitious documentary called Foods of Chicago: A Delicious History ultimately traces immigration history in Chicago through examining the culinary tracks it has left.
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Avec's pan-Mediterranean menu of small plates—everything from pasta to salumi—was a step above comfort food, and extremely affordable.
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Gambling is Better Than Sharing

Ah, community, togetherness, sharing: Isn't that what the potluck exemplifies? Well, yes and no.
food + cooking

When Fruit Makes You Weak

Pick-your-own presents the daunting moral dilemma of being surrounded by fruit at its ripest, but having to wait until you’re done filling your basket before you can take a single bite.
travel + culture

Songs in the Key of Life

food + cooking

Love, Unrequited

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