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58 A Family Affair

When we say this comforting meal—including mozzarella in carrozza; Sunday ragù; fresh egg fettuccine; minted green salad; oranges in red wine; sweet ricotta pastries; and almond, chocolate, and pistachio spumoni—revolves around family, we really mean it. One of our food editors learned these classic dishes from her Italian grandmother.

72 A Tuscan Son

They’re basic, fresh, and authentic. But, most importantly, Tony Oltranti’s northern Italian dishes—chicken-liver crostini; roast chicken with pancetta and olives; polenta with Franklin’s Teleme cheese; fennel, frisée, and escarole salad; panettone bread pudding; and more—are simply amazing.

82 Red Gravy and Roux

When the food of New Orleans’ Sicilian immigrants merged with the city’s French-Creole cuisine, it became what residents refer to as Creole-Italian. And like everything else in this town, it’s a singular sensation.

90 Your Own Little Italy

If you crave pizza Margherita, lasagne bolognese with spinach, minestrone soup, veal cacciatore, fresh ricotta cheesecake, and tiramisu (frankly, we haven’t met anyone who doesn’t), isn’t it about time you had recipes for creating these Italian favorites at home?

96 Cooking Class

A step-by-step guide to homemade mozzarella. Once you try it, it’s quite possible you’ll never go back to store-bought.

32 My Inner Italy

Many childhood memories are buried deep in our consciousness. Especially those involving spaghetti with bolognese sauce, a chunk of parmesan cheese, and garlic bread.
Recipes begin on page 33.
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45 Quick Kitchen

Polenta-crusted chicken; lemon pepper acini di pepe; sautéed beef with white wine and rosemary; plus five more recipes that can be prepared in 35 minutes active time or less.
We turn things upside down with this inside-out eggplant parmigiana.

51 One or Two for Dinner

Turkey Marsala with sautéed spinach for two; and pea and bacon risotto just for you.

52 Ten-Minute Mains

Solutions for hectic weeknights.
Magazine / Kitchen Notebook
100 Taking it layer by layer, we reveal the secrets to perfect lasagne ... how can you master meatballs? It’s all in the mix ... why you should be canny when buying canned tomatoes ... the wonderful world of cheese.
Magazine / The Last Touch
108 White lightning strikes again as mozzarella enlivens everything from pizza to salad.
Magazine / Good Living

16 That’s Italian-American

Experts share their favorite shops and restaurants.
Magazine / Restaurants

21 Veni Vidi Vetri

In the City of Brotherly Love, Vetri and its sibling, Osteria, are serving some of the most memorable Italian food in the country.
Everyone has an opinion on where you can find the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia. Including us.
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26 Rosso di California

The history of Italian varietals in California is as checkered as some restaurant tablecloths. But history may be about to turn a page.

28 Wine Advice

Pinot Bianco; Amarone della Valpolicella Classico; Chianti Classico; and Italian dessert wines.
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30 A Taste of January

When spaghetti meets meatballs, it’s always love at first bite.

30 It Ain’t Necessarily So

Putting oil in the cooking water keeps pasta from sticking together. Fact or fiction?
A16 Food + Wine, by Nate Appleman and Shelley Lindgren. Plus a recipe for braised cannellini beans with garlic, marjoram, and oregano.
Magazine / Travel

34 Culinary Crucible

With more than 25 centuries of history under its belt, Palermo has plenty of great things to see and eat.
When the author was young, if he didn’t eat what was being served for dinner, he was rejecting his Italian heritage. But what ten- year-old wants to eat capuzzelle?
Magazine / Obsessions
38 A few of our favorite things.
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