Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie

Tasmania: The Next Culinary Frontier


Episode 47


With its rich volcanic soils, clean air, and pristine waters, the island of Tasmania, off the southeast coast of Australia, is quickly becoming a food utopia. Visit Tasmania’s first Wagyu beef ranch, where cattle roam lush seaside pastures to produce some of the world’s highest-quality beef. Meet a truffle expert who took a gamble on Tasmania’s climate and won when he became the only person in the past century to grow truffles in Australia. He shares the truffle secrets he learned from the French and explains the delicate nature of digging up these aromatic gems. Then head out to a smokehouse located in an organic apple orchard. There, a smoke master uses applewood to create highly prized cold-smoked trout and salmon. Back in the Gourmet test kitchen, food editor Paul Grimes prepares a recipe for Mediterranean Lamb Salad, a dish made from an interesting cut of meat he discovered in Tasmania.