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Sad News


The wine world lost a giant today. Alois Kracher, just 48 years old, died of pancreatic cancer this morning. I didn’t know he was sick, and I can’t help but wonder whether he knew he was ill when he spent several hours with me last year. Was his passionate intensity for sweet wines, for cheese, for sweet wines with cheese, for the Austrian food producers he’d partnered with to produce jellies, chocolates, and cheese—in part an awareness that his time was short? To be honest, his intensity made me a little uncomfortable. But it was a feeling that said, Don’t be lazy, don’t settle for anything less than perfection, don’t let anyone put doubts in your mind, trust your instincts, follow your beliefs.

The winery remains in good hands, his son, Gerhard, having taken over winemaking duties several years ago. But despite all that Luis, as everyone called him, accomplished in his short time here, I know we’ve been cheated of the many things he would’ve done. All that’s left to do is raise a glass of something sweet and delicious tonight and drink to his memory.