Singapore’s Treasure Trove from the Past


No place takes the philosophy of “out with the old” more seriously than Singapore, where nothing—from Art Deco buildings to your favorite char kway teow hawker stall—is immune to the forces of change. But relief from eternal newness is now available, courtesy of the aptly named Odds ‘N’ Collectables shop, located in the heart of the city’s hip but woefully sanitized Chinatown. Step into this tiny storefront and you’ll enter an Ali Baba’s cave of Singeporeania, from rickshaw license plates to Tiger Balm tins to rusting signboards for F&N soda, a staple in the region since 1883. Every item is hand-selected by owner and former advertising consultant Juzer Saifee, who, unlike many of his counterparts worldwide, only buys locally. After browsing through his embarrassment of riches, you’ll emerge with a quiet sense of satisfaction: at least one corner of the old Singapore is still alive and kicking.

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