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Tomato “Burgers”

These little bites will surprise with their tomato sweetness (bolstered with financier buns made with almond flour and confectioners sugar) and tart goat cheese.
August 2008

Cheesecake with Minted Blackberries

A very creamy classic cheesecake takes a summery turn with August’s glorious blackberries heightened with fresh mint.
August 2008

Grilled Watermelon and Tomato Salad

We usually think of tomatoes as vegetables, but this is really a fruit salad of sorts.
August 2008

Corn Ice Cream

Corn ice cream is a pretty delicious alternative to picking fresh corn and eating it as fast as you can.
August 2008
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Magic Moments from Madrid

Hundreds of chefs, writers, and critics turned out for Madrid Fusion, one of the most interesting get-togethers in the food world.

Back on the Farm

Making the most of your ingredients is one thing. But at Blue Hill restaurant, actually making the ingredients is something else entirely.
July 2004
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