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CIAO, ROMA! Lunch and Dinner Edition

Because, even in Rome, one cannot live on coffee and gelato (and sorbetto and granita) alone.
food + cooking

CIAO, ROMA! Coffee and Gelato Edition

You know when someone comes home from abroad and annoys everyone, moaning that they can’t find something like they had back in LaLa Land? This week, I’m that guy.
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When in Rome, Eat Ugly Food

Sometimes vacations turn ugly. But starting your trip off with an ugly dinner isn’t always a bad thing.
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Eat Like a Roman, Part 2

Maybe you’ve never heard of garum before. It’s not as common as ketchup or soy sauce, but it once had a similar function.
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Innocence Abroad

Oh, to be young and living in Paris. This is where it all begins—the pilgrimage of a master storyteller, his Great American Novel, and his Great American Friends.
February 01, 1942
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A Not So Secret Garden

Florid until the early 20th century, the Monastic garden in Rome eventually deteriorated in ruins until a decade ago, when it was restored.
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Eat Like a Roman

I stumbled upon a weird ceramic vessel filled with holes. It turned out to be glirarium, a jar for breeding dormice for culinary purposes.
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Lovely Food Among the Ruins

Finally, a new team at Bernini, in Rome's Piazza Navona, has created a delicious anomal—a good restaurant in the middle of a tourist mecca.
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First Taste: Acquolina Hostaria

Angelo Troiani, the Michelin-starred chef at Il Convivio says he decided on a dare to open a fish restaurant and to create one of Rome's best seafood places.
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Colman Andrews’s Favorite Restaurants in Italy

Gambero Rosso, featured in Gourmet, may be contributing editor Colman Andrews's latest find, but when it comes to Italian restaurants, he has a long list of favorites.
January 2007
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