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Hog Wild

Pork production has its place in agricultural legislation. But lawmakers should concern themselves with swine that have curly tails, not those sporting Armani suits.
food + cooking

Maple Mathematics

I never have cared for light-colored, delicately flavored Fancy grade syrup. Give me the robust maple taste of Amber or, better yet, lowly Grade B.

Do I Dare to Eat a Shrimp?

Sure, they’re cheap, but what about the taste? And what do shrimp farms do to the environment? Here’s the lowdown on America’s favorite seafood.
March 2007

Mountain High

Pack your skis for Quebec’s Laurentians, where table and trail collide.
December 2006

The Bitter and the Sweet

The best coffee in the world is expensive; for one man who grows it, the cost has been too high.
July 2003

The Wild and the Farmed

On a coast-to-coast quest, Barry Estabrook discovers—in addition to amazing wild sockeye gravlaks—that all is not well below the surface of the aquaculture industry.
September 2002
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