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Short Ribs Braised in Red Wine

The Piemontese classic, beef braised in Barolo, becomes positively spectacular when made with short ribs, which dissolve into mouthwatering chunks of meat in a complex sauce.
food + cooking

Squash 101

A complete guide to fall and winter squash, from Acorn to Turban
food + cooking

The Founding Father of Mac and Cheese

Jean Anderson tracks down the origins of this American—and presidential—favorite
Gourmet Live
food + cooking

Ruth Bourdain's Holiday Gift Guide

Twitter's most vociferous gourmand and the author of Comfort Me with Offal offers her holiday gift ideas for those with special food needs
food + cooking

10 Questions for D.C. Central Kitchen's Michael F. Curtin, Jr.

Learn how the head of one of America's largest homeless shelters and soup kitchens found his dream job
food + cooking

From Rome with Love

Wendy Artin evokes the eternally exciting city in her menu of Pasta with Squid, Tomatoes, and Capers; Veal Bocconcini with Porcini and Rosemary; and Tiramisu
food + cooking

Eating Up Italy

We're celebrating all things Italian with a conversation with one of Hollywood's biggest food lovers, Stanley Tucci; regional Italian pasta, chicken, and dessert recipes; and a spotlight on amazing olive...
food + cooking

10 Questions for Stanley Tucci

The actor, director, and cookbook author reveals his favorite food scenes, what it was like to play Julia Childs husband, and his earliest food memories
food + cooking

Olives of the Roman Countryside

Lazio, the region surrounding the capital, has been producing exceptional olives and oil for millennia—and now the world is really noticing. In this excerpt from the forthcoming Popes, Peasants, and Shepherds: Recipes and Lore From Rome and Lazio, discover the...

Pasta with Squid, Tomatoes, and Capers

There are two ways to get tender squid: a very quick sauté or a very long simmer. This simple yet impressive recipe uses the former method. We call for a Thai or serrano chile because they're easier to find...
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