calvin trillin


The Man Who Came to Dinner

I couldn’t help but think of how my father, who was a practical and eminently thrifty man, would have responded to the news that I intended to fly to Paris for a dinner.
April 2005

Pepper Pilgrimage

Time was, a craving for pimientos de Padrón could be satisfied only in Spain. Then along came a gardener from New Jersey.
January 2005

Bowlful of Dreams

At the Manhattan lunch counter of Calvin Trillin’s reverie, some things never change: It's always New Mexican Day, and the blue plate special is posole with a side of chile, red or green.
October 2002

The Frying Game

Few Caribbean vacationers come for the fried fish. Calvin Trillin has come to Barbados for nothing else.
November 2001

Once Upon a Market

In the south of France, one man recaptures the glory of the perfect tuna sandwich.
February 2001

Desperately Seeking Ceviche

Calvin Trillin’s idea of a fishing trip requires only one thing: a good appetite.
August 2000
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