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grant achatz

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Grant Achatz Goes to Austria

Like a small museum with ever changing galleries, the progressive and very modern restaurant Ikarus showcases the world’s best talent, one chef at a time.
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Some Questions About Cooking And Art

For me, the interesting question isn’t “Can cooking be art?” but “How does cooking function as art?”
chefs + restaurants

Madrid Fusion: The Power of Scent

The aromas of wave-washed rocks and burning cinnamon sticks may be coming soon to a meal near you.
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The Lord is My Chef

Fall on your knees, and hear the angel voices, for here are three cookbooks that give new meaning to the term “kitchen bible.”

A Restaurant That’s Really This Good

Is Alinea truly the best restaurant in America? The shock and awe on diners’ faces seem to say it all.
October 2008
chefs + restaurants

The Gourmet Q + A: Grant Achatz and Heston Blumenthal

The chefs discuss the process of writing their forthcoming cookbooks, the audiences they hope to reach, and the term “molecular gastronomy.”
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For Some Chefs, It’s All About the Staging

We all know that chefs have become stars, but, in Chicago, they're actually taking to the stage.