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Seeds of Discontent

In the ongoing battle between organic farmers and Monsanto, the mega-company recently won a significant round in court. Now what? Julia Savacool reports on the state of the suit and investigates...
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2009 Food + Travel Predictions

Our editors and international correspondents predict what will be on our plates, in our cups, and on our agendas this year.
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We Should Have Known

Pennsylvania's Agriculture Secretary claimed that labels for rBST-free milk were misleading because you can't test milk to see whether the fake hormone was present.
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From the Police Blotter

Doug Sohn, the guy behind Chicago's wildly popular hot dog emporium Hot Doug's, has been slapped with the city's first ticket for serving foie gras, illegal to sell here since last August.
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Politics of the Plate: Produce Police

According to a database maintained by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, produce causes more illnesses than any other category of food.
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Politics of the Plate: Organic Pit Bull

To police the entire, $17-billion organic food industry in this country, the USDA has a staff of about a half-dozen people.
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Politics of the Plate: Mystery Meats

In 2002, Congress passed a law requiring country-of-origin labeling on all seafood, meat, poultry, and produce sold in this country.
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Something to Beef About

Hardly a week passes when the government department responsible for the safety of our meat isn't forced to issue a mea culpa.
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Hog Wild

Pork production has its place in agricultural legislation. But lawmakers should concern themselves with swine that have curly tails, not those sporting Armani suits.
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