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Thanks for the Memories

Looking back at an early issue, we’re reminded of Gourmet’s extraordinary relationship with food—and of some of the people who brought that to life....
food + cooking

Gourmet’s Guide to Cobblers, Crisps, Crumbles, Bettys, Buckles + Pandowdies

Meet the cobbler family: These desserts all rearrange fruit and dough in various and delightful ways. Although they are simple and old-fashioned, they’re also irresistible, making excellent use...
food + cooking

Beef Buying Guide

More and more of us are willing to pay a premium for beef that is “sustainable.” Selecting from the choices can be confusing, though.

Cook Smart: Transformers

Three eggs. Two lemons. Five extraordinarily different desserts. A couple of very modest ingredients add up to a brilliant moment at the end of a meal.
April 2009

Cook Smart: Birds in Hand

Roast chicken is the utility infielder of practically everyone’s culinary repertoire.
March 2009

Kitchen Notebook: Why Cook with Alcohol?

Each type of alcohol contributes its own complex balance of acidity, sweetness, and savoriness to a dish, and it lends aroma as well.
November 2008

Kitchen Notebook: A Gravy Primer

The pièce de résistance of Thanksgiving dinner is the turkey, but nothing is more fraught than the gravy, that time-honored indicator of a cook’s prowess.
November 2008

‘Leaping Frog’ Chicken: A Little Flattening Goes A Long Way

Get the most out of chicken by opening it up and flattening it on the grill. It cooks quickly and stays moist and juicy.
June 2009
food + cooking

What Makes a Good Cookbook?

There was a moment of shocked silence when executive editor Doc Willoughby said he’d given away most of his cookbooks. Then all hell broke loose.

Cooking Schools: Nimmy Paul

Nimmy Paul, one of Kerala’s foremost culinary authorities, presented me with the clean, pure flavors of India on a plate.
May 2008
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