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10 Questions for Laura Shapiro

Americans should just slow down and learn to cook, the renowned food historian and author tells Gourmet Live's Kemp Minifie
food + cooking

Food in a Flash

We're peering through the golden arches at the pros and cons of fast food, plus iconic drive-through dishes, speedy dessert recipes, and terrific takeout coast to coast
Gourmet Live
food + cooking

Michigan’s Unlikely Food Revolution

You don’t have to be in California to see a local-food movement flourishing—try the Great Lake State.
food + cooking

The Trouble with Julie & Julia

Five years after Julia Child’s death, she’s winning America’s heart again through this movie. Julie Powell is another story.
travel + culture

Britain’s Chain-Restaurant Renaissance

Never mind the high-end places; the real British food revolution is happening in far humbler establishments.
food + cooking

Our Cooling Relationship with the Frozen-Food Industry

How did major manufacturers decide it was a good idea to delegate responsibility for food-safety inspections to home cooks?
food politics

The War on Alice Waters

She made sustainable agriculture a rallying cry, but now the activist chef is under attack from food lovers.
travel + culture

Food Doesn’t Travel

No matter how “authentic” the ingredients or the recipe, cuisine is inextricably tied to—and limited by—the place where it’s made.
travel + culture

Goa’s Culinary Treasures

There is joy in cooking at home with flavors borrowed from abroad, to be sure. But sometimes you just have to be there.
food politics

FDR’s Anti-Epicurean White House

Why Eleanor Roosevelt—one of the most memorable first ladies in American history and an unshakably gracious person—refused to offer dinner guests a decent meal.
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