food + cooking

Kosher Meat Finds Greener Pastures

Rebecca Flint Marx talks to the founder of KOL, a company that’s marketing organic, grass-fed, and humanely raised meat to kosher consumers
food + cooking

A Visit to the Vatican Farm

Garden authority Anne Hanley is granted access to the fields that feed the pope
food + cooking

A 21st-Century Take on Turkey

Kemp Minifie carves up the clichés to serve this year’s bird four revelatory ways
food + cooking

What We'll Be Eating in 2050

Will insects and manufactured meat be on our menus in 40 years? Robert Sietsema asked scientists, chefs, and other experts about the future of food
food + cooking

Going Whole Faux Hog in Hollywood

In a land known for its expertise at artifice, comedian Todd Levin discovers the wonders of fake meat
food + cooking

The Dos and Don’ts of Roasting

The Institute of Culinary Education’s Ted Siegel shares tips from the pros on how to make the most of your roast
food + cooking

Gourmet Live: Extreme Home Charcuterie

When she agreed to tie the knot, Lise Funderburg didn’t mean the one at the end of the soppressata. Life with a sausage maker, from bacon curing to venison sawing
food politics

Politics of the Plate: The Conscientious Carnivore

Can meat be a part of an environmentally sustainable diet?
food politics

Carbon 101

Footprints, offsets, and conversion factors: The jargon of sustainability can confuse even the most environmentally sensitive among us, particularly in the supermarket aisles. Here’s a handy...
food + cooking

Jeanne Dielman and the Mise en Scène of Meatloaf

To enter the Criterion Collection’s new movie contest, your acting has to be as good as your cooking.
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