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In Kenya, New Money Mixes With Low-Key Luxury

Like your grandmother's country house, Rondo Retreat is of another time, but nothing about it was done on the cheap.
travel + culture

A Nice Way to Eat in Namibia

Created to supply chefs to the country's booming tourist industry, the Namibian Institute of Culinary Education has made Namibia a surprisingly great place to eat.
travel + culture

Wish You Were Here: Morocco

In Morocco, three food editors follow their noses to a spice bazaar, hike into the High Atlas, and lose their hearts to the land.
May 2007

Remote Control

Namibia, one of the most spectacularly desolate places on the planet, encompasses a vast desert and dunes the color of apricots.
March 2007
travel + culture

Sausage Does Grow on Trees

On a recent trip to East Africa, I thought I was hallucinating when I saw sausages growing on trees.
lillian chou,

Amazing Grace

A week in Botswana is a homecoming of sorts—to dinners under a jacaranda tree, to boundless skies and optimism.
August 2005

Call of the Wild

Life at a South African safari camp is more than lions, tigers, and wildebeests—it's also white linen, ostrich pâté, and a chilled Pimm's Cup.
August 2002

Shades of Noir

Have you wondered why the price of vanilla has skyrocketed? David Karp went to Madagascar to get at the truth.
July 2002

Lifting the Veil on Marrakech

A new look at a city that is familiar and mysterious, private and public, chaotic and calm.
November 2000

Hungry For Adventure

Along deserted beaches, through villages of thatch, and across some pretty shaky ground—one’s writer’s pursuit of the perfect meal in Mozambique.
March 2000
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