wine + spirits + beer

Hot Weather: The Mother of Invention

For miraculously cold beer on a sweltering summer day, all you need is a plastic baggie and some ice.
wine + spirits + beer

The Gourmet Q + A: Charles Bamforth

The UC Davis professor of brewing science talked with about brewers’ biggest mistakes; why restaurateurs should be sent to Belgium; and more.
food politics

Politics of the Plate: Burger Justice, a Pesticide Faux Pas, and Fuel for Debate

Now that the USDA has terminated its survey of pesticide use, there’s no way of knowing which pesticides are being sprayed on American crops; and more.
wine + spirits + beer

Hop(s) to Action

To alleviate microbrewers’ catastrophic hops shortage, Boston Beer Company offers up its stash.
wine + spirits + beer

A New York Minute, Sake Bar Edition

Learning about love and breakfast over late night drinks.
wine + spirits + beer

2 Guys: How to Make a Good Thing Better

Beer that’s been aged in a whisky cask has a deep viscosity and a velvety pour, and this stuff could keep a car running smooth for months.
wine + spirits + beer

Wild as the Yeasts

Why invasive airborne fungi make for great beer.
wine + spirits + beer

The Battle for Craft Beer

Long deprived of world-class brews, Alabamans are fighting back.
wine + spirits + beer

Open-Source Brewing

What happens when you apply Wikipedia principles to beer?
diary of a foodie

Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie: Raising the Bar

What does it take to turn a run-of-the-mill beverage into an exceptional drink?

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