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Dulce de Leche Fruit Gratin

Plums and berries team up with dulce de leche in an ultraquick dessert.
July 2005

South American Journey: Part VII

Chile is a narrow strip of country, 2,600 miles long and about 250 miles across at its widest, between the lofty Andes and the blue, blue Pacific.
August 1956

South American Journey: PART VI

In many ways Uncle Willie and I were just like all the other tourists in Argentina. Always in a hurry, we saw too much, digested some of it, but left the real national mystery, the full flavor of Argentina, untouched by our swift passing....
April 1956

South American Journey: PART V

“One cannot see a country,” Uncle Willie said, “by staying in its largest and most popular city. We must move on. Travel is broadening.”
March 1956

South American Journey: PART IV

Argentina rolls South along the long, lean east coast of South America, right down to the butter-horn A shape of the Tierra del Fuego, blue with fury and wind and ice.
February 1956