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The Lord is My Chef

Fall on your knees, and hear the angel voices, for here are three cookbooks that give new meaning to the term “kitchen bible.”

Politics of the Plate: Greens of Wrath

We all want safe spinach. But the measures now being adopted may destroy the land without solving the problem.
November 2008
food + cooking

Why Does America Hate Ratatouille?

Made from some of the season’s best produce, the dish should be a summer staple—but our national aversion to it runs deep.
travel + culture

My Cherry Amour

For a novelist whose appetite is intertwined with her imagination, Paris looms large as a place of fact, fiction, and self-discovery.
travel + culture


When a handsome man inspires a uniquely Parisian sort of hunger, a college girl sets out to satisfy it in a way only this city can.
food politics

Campaign Cookies

Candidates’ wives are high-level political operatives without a lot of free time. So why do we expect them to don aprons and bake?
travel + culture

Letter from the Editor: The Last Time I Saw Paris ...

For one rainy week this spring, our editor in chief discovered that you can live stunningly well in Paris on very little money. Here’s how.

Chasing Perfection

Hey, it’s just an omelet. How hard can it be? Well, depending on what you’re looking for, it can be super-easy or almost unattainable.
March 2008

What is Southern?

We're delighted to share this previously unpublished essay by the late Edna Lewis—one of America's most resonant and evocative food writers.
January 2008

He’ll Take El Alto

With its casual Mangu joints and brunch-serving newcomers, this Manhattan hood has everything a homesick Dominican could want.
September 2007