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Souffléed Macaroni and Cheese

The recipe brilliantly combines milk and bread crumbs as a substitute for a labor-intensive white sauce.
October 2008

Food Flashes: August 1951

Hearing the cheering from the birthday party across the Atlantic, we decided to go. France holds celebration for beloved Paris, two thousand years old, Europe's oldest capital after Athens and Rome.
August 1951

Food Flashes: July 1951

Mighty like a rose and it is rose, a rose-petal honey made by a recipe taken from the famous Martha Washington cookbook, the original copy now owned by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.
July 1951

Food Flashes: June 1951

It's a little patch of heaven—gourmets' heaven, we mean—Bellows' Gourmets' Bazaar, 69 East Fifty-second Street, New York. Here we discovered little delicacies from the Continent not generally found in the States....
June 1951

Food Flashes: March 1951

A de luxe variation for the Lenten menu is frogs' legs from the frogland of America; these shipped by express the day after the night they are caught. The frogs are packed in kegs, the minimum order five pounds.
March 1951

Food Flashes: February 1951

Is there any better dessert after a dinner than a red-meated grapefruit broiled with sweet sherry? Or dress the halves with a cherry or a dot of cranberry, or drizzle on honey.
February 1951

Food Flashes: January 1951

Cherries Jubilee is a beautiful name for a beautiful dessert. The better restaurants serve this wrapped in blue flame and steeply priced. $1.50 a portion or thereabout.
January 1951

Food Flashes: December 1950

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! Say it in Mexican, say it with tamales—four kinds of tamales, kit-packed, yours for gift-giving, to keep handy for those special occasions.
December 1950

Food Flashes: November 1950

News from the Grace Rush kitchen out Cincinnati way: The dark Martha Ann fruitcake, which built the business, has a new honey-gold sister, white fruitcake by name.
November 1950

Food Flashes: October 1950

One glorious month in the Far West on the hunt for good things to pass on to gourmets. First stop Seattle, to visit Samuel Martin, importer of men's topcoats.
October 1950
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