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In Lima, Rediscovering Chicken

Tasting the pollo a la brasa at Pardos for the first time is a profound experience.
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Peru’s Potato Park

This eco-preserve is a living monument to the descendents of the Incan empire—and their most prized food.
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Açaí: Superfood or Harmful Fad?

This small purple berry is touted as a weight-loss supplement in the U.S.—but in its native Brazil it’s seen very differently.
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Gnocchi Day in Buenos Aires

This city comes down with gnocchi fever the 29th of every month—but the reason is a mystery even to the locals.

Cooking Schools: Mapuyampay Hostal Gastronómico

Students at Chile’s Mapuyampay Hostal Gastronómico will learn to craft classic empanadas, but they’ll also have time for lounging by the pool.
May 2008
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Key Notes: Soho All Suites, Buenos Aires

In the heart of the Palermo Soho, and on the neighborhood's most happening street, Soho All Suites offers all the comforts of home.
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Ethnic Food, Aisle 10

For a cook, discovering a new ingredient is like a painter discovering a new color. And that's the source of my fascination with what is labeled the "ethnic aisle" at the grocery store.
September 2007
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Peru’s Secret Seafood Sensation

The makeshift restaurant is only open from 11 to 5 and consists of nothing more than two bricks walls strung with fishnet overhead.
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Savor the Shore

Brazil itself may be the world's finest cultural stew. Africa, Asia, and all of Europe melt into the native traditions.
May 2007

Chimichurri Sauce

This is the national condiment of both Argentina and Uruguay, and there are hundreds of versions. The sauce is great with vegetables, especially grilled or fried tomatoes.
January 2007
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