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Politics of the Plate: Change We Can’t Believe In

The new administration is making great strides in food policy—except when it comes to the issue of genetic modification.
food politics

Politics of the Plate: More Good News for Food Safety

The USDA finally bans the slaughter of “downer” cows, and two new leaders at the FDA are expected to restore the agency’s tarnished reputation.
food politics

Minnesota School Food Survey

The re-authorization of the School Lunch Programs promises to benefit both students and farmers, but the devil is in the details.
food politics

Who is Kathleen Merrigan?

The new nominee for Deputy Secretary of Agriculture is a spot-on selection by Obama and Vilsack.
food politics

Ms. Waters Goes to Washington

An inside look at the political education of the legendary Chez Panisse founder.
food politics

The USDA’s People’s Garden Program

The creation of a garden gives clues about how our new Secretary of Agriculture—a man well-versed in commodity agriculture—is approaching food policy.
food politics

FDR’s Anti-Epicurean White House

Why Eleanor Roosevelt—one of the most memorable first ladies in American history and an unshakably gracious person—refused to offer dinner guests a decent meal.
food politics

Agriculture + Food in Obama’s Stimulus Plan

A look at how farm and food programs will—and won’t—benefit from the President’s $825 billion plan.
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The Top Five Tastes of Inauguration Weekend

Chestnut pancakes with José Andrés and his daughters, Najmieh Batmanglij’s amazing chicken shish kebab, and more.
food politics

The White House Chef Wars

A recent flap about the first family’s chef demonstrates why that position needs to be redefined.
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