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Behind The Recipe: Smoked-Turkey, Plum, and Fennel Salad

Our test kitchen director explains how a complicated idea morphed into this flavorful, quick, and affordable dish.
food + cooking

Behind The Recipe(s): “Some Enchanted Eating” Menu

Inspired by the idea of a picnic in the woods, one of our cooks developed a forest-themed menu—and went a little theme-crazy with these crisp honey cookies.
food + cooking

Behind the Recipe: The Green Lantern

One of our cooks experiments by adding parsley to a summer cooler—and ends up with surprising results.
food + cooking

The Test Kitchen: How to Clean and Chop Herbs Quickly

Gourmet travel food editor Shelley Wiseman demonstrates her tips for preparing fresh herbs at lightning speed.

The Green Lantern

July 2008

Parsley, Fennel, and Celery Root Salad

Curly and flat parsleys combine to make our salad a particularly refreshing respite during a Thanksgiving feast or any other extensive, rich meal.
November 2001
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