food politics

The War on Alice Waters

She made sustainable agriculture a rallying cry, but now the activist chef is under attack from food lovers.
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Gardening 101: Thyme On My Side

Rugged, understated, and smelling like a million bucks, thyme could be the most versatile herb in the garden.
food + cooking

Gardening 101: Digging Our Roots, Planting Our Seeds

What’s the best garden plan? Take your favorite dish and work backward.
chefs + restaurants

Restaurants Now: Ten Tables

(CAMBRIDGE, MA) - This newbie, the second outpost of a Jamaica Plain restaurant by the same name, has a few more tables but the same winning concept: intimate, affordable fine dining done right.
food politics

Egg Economics

Perhaps some things in life shouldn’t be cheaper by the dozen. A North Carolina chef takes a look at the real cost of food—and flavor.
food + cooking

Gardening 101: The Garden’s Dirty Secret

Before you start growing anything, you need to know a little basic soil science. Then get out there and dig.
food + cooking

Chicken Slaughter, YouTube-Style

Yes, I’m a butcher, and yes, I know exactly where all my meat comes from. That doesn’t mean I know how to kill anything.
food + cooking

Vegetarian Butchers?

Across the U.S., people who once shunned meat are helping push the livestock industry in a more sustainable direction.
food + cooking

Gardening 101: Confessions of a Produce Princess

In the first installment of our weekly Gardening 101 series, our writer explains why tending her plot makes her feel like Paris Hilton—and why she can’t wait for the season to start....
chefs + restaurants

Restaurants Now: Apiary

(NEW YORK CITY) - This just might be the place to remember why you liked “local, seasonal” food in the first place.
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