food politics

Politics of the Plate: Selling the Farm

For a sixth-generation farming family, the time has finally come to let go.
wine + spirits + beer

Bartenders Who Farm

Is this the next logical step in the modern cocktail movement?
food + cooking

Gardening 101: Ring of Chile Fire

Growing peppers can make you fall for extremes, from sweet Italians to red-hot Thai.
food politics

Politics of the Plate: Casting the Food Safety Net too Wide

A bill recently passed by the House could have detrimental effects on small farmers.
food politics

Politics of the Plate: Salmon on Drugs

A new report indicates rampant antibiotic use at Chilean fish farms, which supply most of the U.S.’s farmed salmon.
food + cooking

Gardening 101: In Praise of Eggplant

It may not be America’s favorite vegetable, but in this garden, eggplant makes magic.
food politics

Politics of the Plate: Roundup Ready—or Not?

A court decision comes as good news for opponents of genetically modified crops. But is it the beginning of a political sea change, or just a blip?
food politics

Politics of the Plate: Milking for Profit

One of the nation’s largest dairy processors could soon come under investigation by the Justice Department.
food politics

Is Corn Getting a Bad Rap?

An impassioned email exchange among the Gourmet staff touches on everything from haunted corn mazes to food-justice and labor issues.
food + cooking

Gardening 101: Playing in the Dirt

Give a kid a garden, and let the games begin.
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