In Land We Trust

As farm owners struggle with waning markets and developers who offer big bucks for their property, Phyllis Richman looks at a program that just might ease the pressure.
September 2002

Where the Wild Things Are

Deep in the heart of northeastern Australia, an American couple is building a rain forest for the future.
July 2001

Dirt Rich

Steve Smith looked at the future of farming, and didn’t like what he saw. So he turned to the past and found a way of life worth preserving.
July 2001

Heart of the Country

You can learn more than how to milk a cow or feed chickens at Vermont’s Liberty Hill Farm.
June 2001

Force of Nature

Don’t tell Fred Kirschenmann that North Dakota is no place to grow crops.
February 2001

Grown in the USA

We decided to go back to the source, searching out producers who would inspire and energize us.
September 2000
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