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A Decade of Vintages: 1952-1962

Never before has there been such a remarkable succession of good vintages and bountiful harvests since World War II.
January 1964

A Decade of Vintages: 1950-1960

Of the many diverse pleasures which wine-drinking affords, one of the most singular is the extent to which it permits us to recapture and relive the past.
April 1961

The Bordeaux Appellations

They have left behind them, inscribed on French wine labels, these two extraordinarily important words “Appellation Contrôlée”.
May 1960

Chablis Revisited

Chablis, famous the world over for its wine, is a rather cold and dreary little town in late April and early May.
October 1959

San Francisco North

In general, as you go north, almost anywhere in Europe or the United States, the climate becomes consistently and perceptibly colder practically county by county, sometimes mile by mile.
February 1949

Old Bottles

“As his name is, so is he,” the Bible states, but this was surely not intended even twenty-five centuries ago, to apply to wine.
November 1948

Sweet Wine Country

In the summer, except on extraordinarily clear mornings, you can hardly ever see the Sierras from the Valley towns.
October 1948

Champagne Belongs to the World

Compared to champagne, all other wines have a certain rusticity about them, like old-fashioned gardens or good country families, or sound vins du pays.
June 1948

Wines of the Loire

My affection for the wines of the Loire (I cannot say so much for my knowledge of them) dates from longer ago than I am prepared ordinarily to admit.
February 1948

Wines of the Rhône

The River Rhône leaves Lake Geneva like a child getting out of school.
December 1947
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