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Thanksgiving in Paris

Adam Gopnik reminisces on the strangeness of roasting a turkey in the City of Light
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Restaurants Now: La Petite Chaise

Founded as a coaching inn in 1680, La Petite Chaise may be the oldest restaurant in Paris.
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Eight Great Places for Roast Chicken in Paris

Every since Diane Keaton swooned over the poulet rôti in Something’s Gotta Give, French fowl has been back in fashion.
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Le Fooding Bites the Big Apple

Gourmet’s European correspondent has seen Le Fooding change the way people think about food in France. What will happen when the French invade New York?
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Wine, War, and Global Warming

What does it take to make people care about climate change? In France and the U.S., very different kinds of arguments.
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Restaurants Now: Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles, Le Jardin, Frenchie

If your idea of a perfect summer afternoon is one spent lounging by the pool, spotting celebrities, and eating cheeseburgers, we have the spot for you.
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Travel Smart: Cooking in Your Room

Gourmet’s European correspondent finds some food-friendly hotels.
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Restaurants Now: 54 Mint, Miroir, Coda

A spin around the world reveals a positively transporting Italian job in San Francisco, the neighborhood bistro of our dreams in Paris, and a Melbourne restaurant that pairs Asian tradition with modern...
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Restaurants Now: The Standard Grill, Sepia, Rech

This week, a scene is born under Manhattan’s High Line, a Tetsuya’s veteran goes solo in Sydney, and Jacques Maximin returns to Paris in a big way.

It’s What’s for Dinner

Food critic François Simon would like you to know: A lot of people in Paris have just called out for pizza.
March 2001
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