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Restaurants Now: Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles, Le Jardin, Frenchie

If your idea of a perfect summer afternoon is one spent lounging by the pool, spotting celebrities, and eating cheeseburgers, we have the spot for you.
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Ferran Adrià in Concert

A 35-course El Bulli tasting menu inspires a groundbreaking musical work.
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Restaurants Now: DBGB Kitchen and Bar, The Boundary, Gravy

On our radar this week: Daniel Boulud’s DBGB conquers downtown Manhattan, and Sir Terence Conran gets back in the game with The Boundary in London. Plus, where to eat when you’re craving gravy...
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Restaurants Now: Raspa & Wine

(SPAIN) - Since late spring, there’s been an added attraction: The hotel bar has been renamed Raspa & Wine, outfitted with new furnishings, and given an irresistible new menu of, as we say in the States, “little plates.”...
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Restaurants Now: The Boundary

(LONDON) - Sir Terence Conran gets back in the game with a new, spectacular complex in East London.
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Restaurants Now: Fishhh!

(BARCELONA) - Always have a bite of buttered bread before you eat a raw oyster, says Luís De Buen; that way you’ll never get an upset stomach.
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Restaurants Now: Emporio

(NEW YORK) - I hate the menu at the new sort-of-Roman downtown restaurant called Emporio—hate it because choosing just a few things from it is all but impossible.
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Nespresso Junkie

The best espresso in America doesn’t come from a café or a stovetop machine—it comes from a foil capsule.
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Italy: Arnaldo Clinica Gastronomica

(ITALY) - Okay, I admit it: The name scared me a little.
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Spanish Wine, French Price Tag

Spain is full of great-value wines, but there’s also the occasional overpriced bottle from a little-known region.
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