adventures with ruth

Pork Spare Ribs

November 2009

Polenta-Crusted Chicken with Balsamic Caper Pan Sauce

Polenta makes a supercrisp coating for panfried chicken breasts. Here, it’s crowned with wilted escarole and dressed with a bright and briny sauce.
January 2009

Herbed Polenta “Fries”

These polenta “fries” are golden and crisp, a fine contrast to the creamy interior.
January 2009

Buttered Polenta

When polenta is cooked properly, each grain of cornmeal slowly absorbs the liquid until it swells, becoming tender and seeming to disappear within the whole.
January 2007

Polenta Pie with Cheese and Tomato Sauce

This simple one-dish vegetarian meal is hearty without being heavy.
June 2006

Polenta and Sausage Stuffing

This stuffing uses polenta two ways— half of it is left creamy, while the other half gets browned, for a nice contrast of texture.
November 2005

Basic Polenta

Cornmeal may be either fine- or coarse-grained. Both work well in the following recipe; we used a fine-grained variety found in most supermarkets.
October 1995

Baked Polenta with Shiitake Ragout

December 1993
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