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East LA Story

When Genevieve Ko returns San Gabriel Valley in search of the best Chinese food restaurants, she finds great new ones—and that old favorites have endured.
May 2009

Stir-Fried Egg and Tomato

Although pairing tomatoes and eggs is hardly a novel concept, this stir-fry is a revelation.
May 2009
food + cooking

Eight Great Tips for Dining Out with Young Kids

Here are a few simple tips to help you avoid a migraine on your next family outing.
food + cooking

This Spring’s Specialty Cookbooks

A whole crop of new cookbooks focuses on dietary restrictions and food allergies. Here are two worth checking out, even if you can eat whatever you want.
cookbook club

The Best Peanut Butter Ever

The co-author of our April Cookbook Club selection, ’wichcraft, shares an indulgent but ingenious recipe with readers. (registration required)...
cookbook club

The Gourmet Cookbook Club: Nate Appleman Profile

The co-author of our January 2009 Cookbook Club selection reflects on his unexpected success as a fine-dining chef. (registration required)
food + cooking

It’s Tricky Choosing Treats

I’m loath to hand out store-bought candy, but is there really any alternative?
cookbook club

Cindy Mushet’s Fall Favorites

The author of our October Cookbook Club selection shares a few items she can’t resist this baking season. (registration required)
food + cooking

Family Food Values

In matters of the palate, my mother and I are more alike than I cared to admit.
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