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In the Mood for Food

Fine dining is about soft lighting, elegant plates, and impeccable service. But as Julia Savacool learned from leading scientists, it’s about something else, too: The right tunes can make or break...
food + cooking

The Music Issue

Check out what’s replacing pizza-cigs-and-beer for top musicians on tour, tune in to the culinary travels of Ozomatli, and discover how music can make or break a meal
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food + cooking

Seeds of Discontent

In the ongoing battle between organic farmers and Monsanto, the mega-company recently won a significant round in court. Now what? Julia Savacool reports on the state of the suit and investigates...
food + cooking

The Truth About Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners

Sugar’s gotten a dirty rap lately—but then again, so have sugar substitutes. What’s a sweets lover to do? Julia Savacool investigates.
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