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Restaurants Now: The Bristol

(CHICAGO) - Although inconsistency was the main thing I took away from my first few meals at The Bristol, this joint is way too enjoyable to ignore, missteps be damned.
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Vegan Desserts 2.0

Like the pastry world’s version of breast implants, vegan sweets (the good ones, anyway) have become indistinguishable from their conventional counterparts.

The Guy Who Feeds Chicago

Rich Melman’s success at building one of America’s most unusual restaurant empires began ages ago.
February 2009
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First Taste: Tiny Lounge

(CHICAGO) - The newly reopened Tiny Lounge looks contemporary, not classic. But a bar can’t make drinks this good unless it’s got an old soul.
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Giving up on Latkes

My relatives would probably be horrified at the idea of eating fried chicken at Hanukkah, but when you live in a wasteland of sorts, you make do.
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Gourmet Cookbook Club: December 2008 Menus

These exclusive menus highlight five of our favorite recipes from Home Cooking with Charlie Trotter—and reflect some of Trotter’s diverse culinary influences. (registration required)...
December 2008

Book Review: Home Cooking with Charlie Trotter

Just in time for the holidays comes a little book that shows you how to cook simply—but with bravado.
December 2008
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First Taste: The Publican

This restaurant is a place of worship for perfect mollusks, housemade sausages, and, of course, beer. Yet what tops them all is the crisp, juicy chicken.
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First Taste: More Cupcakes

I’m going to call a moratorium on writing about cupcakes. Right after I finish writing about a cupcake shop called More.
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Infused Ice

The hottest thing to hit alcoholic drinks is ice—steeped with a shot of herbs, spices, or fruit flavor.
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