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Cooking Schools: The Apple Farm

At the biodynamic Apple Farm in California’s Anderson Valley, the emphasis is on the fresh and the straightforward
May 2008
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First Taste: Blue Bottle Café

Blue Bottle Coffee has a radical cult following. Its beans (which are organic, pesticide-free, and shade-grown) are superbly roasted in small batches.
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La Vache Qui Rit at Stylish Parisian Bistro

I have been a fan of chef Yves Camdeborde ever since the days of his 14th arrondissement restaurant, La Regelade.
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One Night in Kyoto

Kyoto, a town known for its gardens and temples, also has a lively, if refined, food scene. Restaurants typically specialize in one type of food.
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Sonoma Balsamico

Most of the balsamic sold in the U.S. is not aged in traditional barrels. But Condimento Balsimico is a good alternative for the thrifty-minded.
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Key Notes: Nick’s Cove, Marin County

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It Takes a Lot of Bread to Make Bread

It always seems to me that while food lovers wildly applaud the idea of raw organic foods and artisanal products they grumble just as loudly about the price.
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Running Into an Old Flame

A chef at Chez Panisse offers to make paella for anyone with access to an outdoor fire.
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First Taste: Nick's Cove

It’s a destination to city and Marin County types and to locals who are showing up for the bar scene and food.
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Cooking Asian in the Napa Valley

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