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Eight Great Pilsners

Pilsner, the world’s most popular beer style, may also be the most maligned. The pilsener was invented in Bohemia in the 19th century, honed in Germany, and nearly destroyed in America. After years of mass-market, ersatz suds, the style has had a resurgence. Here are eight great examples....
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The Gourmet Q + A: Charles Bamforth

The UC Davis professor of brewing science talked with about brewers’ biggest mistakes; why restaurateurs should be sent to Belgium; and more.
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Hop(s) to Action

To alleviate microbrewers’ catastrophic hops shortage, Boston Beer Company offers up its stash.
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Wild as the Yeasts

Why invasive airborne fungi make for great beer.
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The Battle for Craft Beer

Long deprived of world-class brews, Alabamans are fighting back.
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Open-Source Brewing

What happens when you apply Wikipedia principles to beer?
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2 Guys: Bottling Your Own Beer (Is Maybe Even Slightly Less Fun Than Brewing It)

“TIME TO BOTTLE!” exclaim our instructions. The instructions’ excitement, however, is probably due to the fact that they aren’t the ones that have to do the bottling.
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2 Guys: Brewing Beer (Is Not as Fun as You’d Think it Would Be)

The specificity of brewing beer feels a lot like baking bread, but with more water and less fun.
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