frank schoonmaker


Red Wines of the Cote d'Or

Four or five hundred years ago, they celebrated the excellence of Burgundy in the taverns and cabarets of Paris.
November 1947

Vin Ordinaire in America

As far as its gastronomic resources are concerned, this country is already the envy of the civilized world.
October 1947

Return to Bordeaux

When, on your way south from Paris, you take the ferry at St. André-de-Cubzac.
September 1947

In Praise Of Alsace

Less than half a mile from the Place Klébe there is a little island in the tranquil river Ill.
August 1947

New Wines of France

This spring, after six long, weary years, we shall have them back—the old, well-remembered bottles, the familiar, famous names.
May 1946

France A.D. 1945

With their mussels, frogs, and snails, their sea-urchins and their larks, the French have always seemed pretty omnivorous by American standards.
January 1946

QMC Français

Nothing could be farther from my wish or my intention than to publish an evaluation of the Quartermaster Corps of the United States Army.
November 1945
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