Thomas Keller

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The Signature Dish

Signature dishes are often the bait that draws diners in the door. But can a single plate immortalize a chef? And what happens when it's taken off a menu?
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Chefs' Signature Dishes

Take a visual tour of the culinary creations that have become synonymous with some of the world's top toques—recipes included.
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Inside the Bocuse d’Or

At this competition known as the “Olympics of cooking,” chefs risk it all to win top honors.
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Why Does America Hate Ratatouille?

Made from some of the season’s best produce, the dish should be a summer staple—but our national aversion to it runs deep.

Culture Shock

They’ve been told that this cuisine is the finest America has to offer, but the three chefs from China are not very impressed.
August 2005
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