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At Last, Patriotic Pride at Table

England used to be the laughing stock of Europe, if not the world, when it came to food.
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Scary Crabs and Tainted Vegetables

Karen Coates, blogging from Chiang Mai, wrote recently about how Southeast Asians try to avoid buying mainland Chinese produce.
food politics

Stiff Penalties Apply

The bad news about food in China continues.
food politics

On Poison, Ants, and Pistachios

After the recent storm in the U.S. media about contaminated Chinese imports, the Chinese appear to be hitting back.
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The Beautician’s Pig

Once you have developed a taste for real meat from proper butchers, as opposed to the pallid, sanitized stuff, there is no looking back.

True West

The vast, sparsely populated desert region that is Xinjiang is a China unlike any you’ve ever seen.
April 2007
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The Word on the Street Food

If you want to experience the gastronomic heart and soul of any place, it's essential to try its street food.
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Dishes from the Melting Pot

When I first lived in China, a little more than a decade ago, cultural immersion was more or less obligatory.

Stinking Delicious

If your nostrils are suddenly assailed by an unsavory stench while walking around Shanghai, chances are you are near a place serving chou dou fu.
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In Search of the Glories of the East

The heavy spices of western Chinese cooking can conceal a multitude of sins: namely, raw ingredients that are themselves rather tasteless.
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