food flashes


Food Flashes July 1945

The “limeade” trees are heavy with the glossy green harvest.
July 1945

Food Flashes: June 1945

A fine experience for the nose! Take a deep whiff of that Spanish saffron.
June 1945

Food Flashes: January 1945

It's easy turning the year's new leaf—but it takes determination to make it stay turned.
January 1945

Food Flashes: December 1944

“Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without any presents,” said Jo of Little Women many years ago.
December 1944

Food Flashes: November 1944

When Thanksgiving Day dawns, the ambrosial odors of roasting turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy will rise from camp kitchens round the world.
November 1944

Food Flashes: October 1944

Prewar stocks have dwindled, a few domestic firms have produced so-so dessert sauces, but nothing exciting—not until now.
October 1944

Food Flashes: September 1944

High pie is the number one celebrity among the hundreds of pies that belong to New York's piedom aristocracy.
September 1944

Food Flashes: August 1944

Cooked crab meat is a summer-long specialty. At this season, it arrives eight to ten tons weekly in New York City.
August 1944

Food Flashes: June 1944

Weddings are catch as catch can. Furlough today, altar-bound tomorrow.
June 1944

Food Flashes: May 1944

Frogs' legs leap to the menu as the oyster bids farewell and is off for its holiday.
May 1944
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